Do You Want To Be Protected In Case of A Car Wash Tragedy?

In 2010, in Albuquerque, NM, a vehicle being driven through a car wash by a car wash employee, suddenly accelerated. The accident caused the death of another car wash employee who was waiting to dry off the vehicle.

The owner stated nothing like this had ever happened in the 50 year history of the car wash.

This is where NorthEast Insurance's car wash insurance program comes in handy because you never know when that will be.

We Understand Car Wash Loss Exposure!

We know that good insurance can protect your car wash in the event of a liability loss. Unfortunately, as noted above, your business can be prone to:

  • Cars jumping out of line and running into walls (or worse, people.)
  • Slip and falls
  • Damaged vehicles

Allow us to help minimize your exposure with our full service car wash insurance program.  We offer the most comprehensive protection for full and self serve, exterior, and automatic in-bay car washes.

Our customized insurance products include property, general liability, workers compensation, pollution legal liability, commercial umbrella, commercial auto, employment practices liability and garage keeper’s legal liability.


NorthEast Insurance Services Understands Car Washes

The professional, full service insurance experts at NorthEast Insurance Services will customize your risk management needs as a car wash operator. We have carved out a dynamic insurance program for you. One that will:

  • Save your business from a catastrophic lawsuit with premium coverage
  • Provide value for your insurance dollar by offering a great price
  • Help manage your risk with loss control consultation
  • Pay your claims promptly and judiciously

Simply complete the quote request form on this page. The sooner we receive your information, the sooner we will get you the best protection you deserve. So don't delay another minute…

We’ll contact you and review the particulars of our customized car wash insurance program with a FREE, no risk consultation.