Five Areas To Protect For Your Janitorial Service

Don’t allow insufficient liability limits to cause you to lose your business to a liability judgment. A simple slip and fall in an area your company cleaned could destroy everything you’ve worked so hard for.

Part of your job as a key member of the world’s crew of infrastructure maintainers is to adequately insure your company. Insurance protects your firm just as you safeguard the premises and equipment of your clients.

A complete protective suite of coverages from NorthEast Insurance Services will include the following specific types of protection that are vitally important to your line of work:

  • Workforce-Workers compensation will be there for your employees in the event of an accident. We will also counsel you on measures to prevent future occurrences which may reduce your insurance expense.
  • Property- Your premises and equipment will be insured against theft and damage
  • Vehicles- All of the necessary liability, property and uninsured motorist coverages will be in place for protection against the many risks inherent with vehicles
  • Potential for Liability- The janitorial services business has a significant amount of exposure for potential business-harming lawsuits. With the proper limits and coverages, your worry about liabilities can be virtually eliminated.
  • Potential for Product Liability- Protect your business against any potential liability that may be caused by the products you use

There are many other coverages exclusive to your business as well. For example, you can purchase tools and equipment coverage, business income and enhanced crime coverage, among others. We will help you select from these so no gaps will exist in your insurance protection.


NorthEast Insurance Services

At NorthEast Insurance Services, our full service business insurance advisors offer the finest customized janitorial program in the Englishtown, New Jersey area.  

As a strong independent agency, our extensive network of insurance carriers allows us to select from the finest available business policies and programs for our clients.

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