This excerpt was taken from an email I received from a company Some great words to live by especially in the tough times we live in today. I even posted it on our office wall.  Permission has been given to pass it along. Enjoy!

complainless: (adj.) 1. to be free of complaints 2. a pleasure to be around

To be ComplainLess…

  1. Be aware. Recognize your typical paths to complaining – what
    (who) sparks your tendency to gripe. Minimize your exposure to them (eliminating those ‘sparks’ altogether may not always be realistic or the best thing). Know that your grumbling is a complete waste of energy.
  2. Be thankful. Regularly reflect on all the good in your life (people, opportunities, things). Understand and enjoy how lucky you really are. Be entitled to nothing.
  3. Pause before you begin. Clip a complaint as you feel it coming. Put a smile or thoughtful statement in its path. Blame no one.
    Blame nothing.
  4. Be accountable. Focus on solving problems rather than having them. Set the example for others and recommit when you slip. Care for yourself and create a positive habit.

Simple. More enjoyable for everyone.

Let’s lead by example.

If you like the idea, encourage someone else (talk about it, forward this email, tweet or Facebook it). Here’s the post…


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