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This past week a Union Beach, NJ, family suffered the loss of their 3 year old child who drowned in their backyard pool. There is no better time to remind everyone of ways to safeguard your children, pets and others from the dangers that exist with pools. Enjoy the 4th of July weekend knowing everyone is safe with these tips from the Home Safety Council.

  • When children are in or near the water, a grownup should watch them very carefully. Do not take your eyes off them. Older children should not be left in charge of younger children in the pool area. 
  •   If you have a pool or spa, install a fence that goes all the way around it. The fence should close and latch by itself. It should be least five feet high.
  •   Always keep gates closed and latched. Never prop a gate open. 
  • Do not leave furniture near the fence that would enable a child to climb over it.  
  • Keep the pool area clear of things you could trip on.  
  • Keep a cordless, water resistant telephone with emergency numbers posted in the pool area.  
  • Keep poolside rescue equipment close by. Equipment should include a rescue pole measuring at least 10-12 feet and a ring buoy with line. Do not allow children to play with these tools.  
  • Keep a life vest approved by the U.S. Coast Guard on hand. Anyone who is not a good swimmer should wear a vest.  
  • Use plastic instead of glassware in the pool area.  
  • For extra safety, use a pool alarm to alert you if someone falls into the pool. Recent studies show that sub surface pool alarms are most effective. These alarms are not substitutes for adult supervision of children.
  • Keep spas and hot tubs covered and locked when not in use.
  • Remove excess water from pool and spa covers.
  • Completely remove pool and spa covers before anyone gets in.  
  • Chlorine-based pool care products can explode and catch on fire. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions when using pool chemicals and store chemicals in a dry place away from heat sources. 
  •  Lock all pool chemicals in a secure cabinet out of children’s reach.

For more information on Home Safety you can visit their website athttp://www.homesafetycouncil.org/index.asp


Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!!


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