Introducing CoverWallet

| June 20, 2019
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In case you haven’t browsed through our website, NorthEast Insurance Services now provides access to CoverWallet for business insurance! You can find our custom link here.

What is CoverWallet?

CoverWallet is an online-based business insurance management platform that simplifies how businesses manage their insurance policies. Essentially it puts all policies into one spot! It also offers multiple insurance types including; Business Owners Policy (BOP), Workers Compensation, General Liability, Errors & Omissions (E&O), and Professional Liability. CoverWallet works with various of the top insurance carriers like Liberty Mutual and Berkshire Hathaway Guard.

How can CoverWallet help me?

Firstly see if CoverWallet is the best thing for your business by going to this page, then come back here to read more!

CoverWallet can help you deal with the following problems:

  • Launching Your Business
  • Signing New Business
  • Compliance

Below is a list of scenarios that may apply to you and how NorthEast Insurance Services will guide you along:

What if I don’t want to do it alone?

Give us a call! Our staff is here to help you get the insurance you need as quickly as you need it. First thing our agents will do is determine your needs as well as if CoverWallet is a good fit for them. NorthEast Insurance will stay in contact with you throughout the process and are available for any questions you have.

What if I don’t want to commit yet?

That’s perfectly okay! You can still get a quote through CoverWallet, which will be emailed to you. Plus, you can expect a phone call from one of our agents to discuss the quote and any additional policies that may be required for your type of business.

What if I don’t want to talk to anyone?

The great news is, you can get a quote and business insurance policy through CoverWallet, without having to talk to anyone! That’s right, directly through CoverWallet, you can bind an insurance policy. However, we can’t promise not to check in on you, since after all you’re now a NorthEast Insurance client, and when you’re ready to talk, we’re here to help you grow and protect your business.

We live in an incredibly digital world, so why shouldn’t insurance be the same? We hope you utilize our CoverWallet service and please provide us feedback on your experience with it!

Here at NorthEast Insurance Services, we’re more than insurance. We protect what means the most to you and we’ve built our business on connecting with our clients. Knowing what to do when it comes to business insurance can help keep you safe and protected for the worst-case scenario. By clicking here, you can learn more about business insurance or get in contact with NorthEast Insurance Services at (732) 972-1771 ext. 1104.

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