Trusted Counsel for Your Business

You know your business and you want to buy insurance from a commercial insurance professional who knows theirs.  Here are three good reasons why NorthEast Insurance Services is the perfect solution for you:

  1. There are many different types of insurance available to protect your business from a catastrophic loss or lawsuit, and you don’t want to waste time sifting through all of the possibilities. You just want to know you’re covered. That’s where we come in. At NorthEast Insurance Services, we have the experience and expertise necessary to find just the right protection for your business.
  2. With so many different insurance carriers out there today, you need someone with access to a wide range of options so you can make sure you’re with the right company. We are an independent agency which means we can do exactly that. We will shop your insurance for you to obtain the best insurance value for your dollar.
  3. Business is a fluid process. A trusted insurance adviser can align your business with your insurance needs as your company grows.  At NorthEast Insurance Services, we are committed to maintaining a long-term relationship with your business which means we are always ready to re-evaluate your needs and update your protection as your situation changes.

For example, consider the in-home tutoring company that began tutoring children at public schools. It was a great opportunity. One of their main concerns was insurance and they needed to know…Were their tutors covered by the by school’s policy for liability, workers comp and sexual misconduct or did they need to purchase it on their own?

An insurance misstep could have crippled their business as it could do to any firm. In this case, thankfully, they were provided with the sage counsel they needed. It allowed them to continue operating without concern that a severe loss or lawsuit could cripple the business they had worked so hard to build.

Don’t leave your business open to risk simply because you don’t have the time to find the right insurance. Let us do the work for you to make sure you are fully protected, no matter what kind of business you run.

NorthEast Insurance Services

The business insurance experts here at NorthEast Insurance Services will customize your business insurance to your needs.  We’re located in Freehold, New Jersey so we’re local and we understand what it takes to protect you. Not only that, but we have an extensive network of insurance carriers which allows us to select from the finest policies and programs in the industry.

Contact us for a FREE, no-risk consultation for your business insurance. We’ll make sure you receive the best protection for your company’s current needs. Not only that, but we’ll stay in touch and help with your future needs as well!