At NorthEast Insurance Services, we are all too familiar with the idea that pets are family, but no one understands that better than you. You have turned your love for animals into a thriving business!

Many people are joining the pet care business due to the steady increase in pet owners. The market for pets is increasing every year with 68% of U.S. households owning a pet and current trends estimating $70 billion will be spent on pets in the next year. With the market continuously growing, your business faces more exposures than ever before.

Let NorthEast Insurance Services protect what you’ve worked hard to build while you tend to your furry friends. There are many distinct features of a pet business, therefore, there are several different insurance policies available depending on your needs:

  • Property Insurance: Needed to protect your building, furnishings, equipment, computers, and business personal property (BPP). We know your business operations may also include making house calls, therefore, your property insurance covers property that is temporarily away from where you normally operate.
  • General Liability (GL): If you are sued or held liable for accidental bodily injury or property damage, your general liability would cover damages paid in judgements or settlements, and legal defense costs, up to policy limits. 
  • Workers Compensation: Protects you in the instance of an employee having a work-related injury or illness.
  • Pet Grooming Liability Endorsement: Covers injury to dogs, cats, or other domesticated animals because of providing or failing to provide pet grooming services. 
  • Boarding Kennel Endorsement: Covers injury to dogs, cats, or other domesticated animals in the care, custody, or control of the policyholder. 
  • Veterinarians Professional Liability: Provides protection if you make a professional error that results in the injury or loss of an animal you are treating. 
  • Animal Floater: Covers accidental injury, death, damage, theft or escape of animals belonging to others that are in your care, custody or control, and on your premises for examination, treatment, grooming, boarding or breeding, or while in transit. 
  • Business Income and Extra Expenses (BIEE): If your business’s property is damaged by a fire or other covered cause of loss, you might have a suspension of operations. BIEE would cover revenues lost because of the event, as well as additional expenses you might incur to get your business running again. 
  • Business Income- Mobile Operations Vehicle Endorsement: Provides coverage for loss of business income due to the necessary suspension of mobile operations caused by direct physical loss of, or damage to, vehicles/trailers that are specifically equipped to provide services on the road. 

If you’re a groomer, retailer, boarder, veterinarian, etc. who works with domesticated animals, protect your company with pet business insurance. For more information or for a quote, call Joe Syndennis at (732) 972-1771 ext. 1104. Joe is our commercial account manager at NorthEast who is a trained equestrian, sharing the same love for animals as you do.