New Jersey Technology Insurance

NJ Technology, Hi-Tech Business & Cyber Insurance

NorthEast Insurance Services develops affordable and comprehensive insurance packages tailored to the NJ technology industry.

Whether you are a start-up, traditional IT consulting or software company, we will bring new solutions to solve potential exposures. We make a difference in helping you control and prevent business losses as well as achieve safety management goals.

As cyber risks continue to grow through the development of new technologies, it's necessary for your business or organization to be protected before a cyber attack occurs. Education is vital as workers are some of the most important gatekeepers of cyber security. A breach will mean lost client info, disruption to operations, Injury to reputation, financial loss and even legal implications.

Guard your NJ Technology company or hi-tech business from the loss of a cyber attack, data leak, or even stolen records, hard drives, cell phones and laptops.

How vulnerable is your NJ Technology business?

  • 77% of employees leave their computers unattended
  • 65% of small businesses say their sensitive information is not encrypted
  • 56% of employees frequently store sensitive data on their laptop or mobile device
  • 62% of small businesses don't routinely back up their data

Cyber Events Happen Every Day... But Is Your Business Protected?

What would happen if...

... your employee accidentally -- or intentionally -- sent an email containing sensitive and private client information?

...a hacker gains access to your network and steals private customer and employee information? employee's laptop containing valuable client and employee information is lost or stolen while on a business trip?

Companies We Protect

  • Telecommunications and telecommunications service providers
  • Information Technology companies that provide computer software, products and services
  • Medical and Biomedical Research industries
  • Electronics Manufacturing of hardware and precision equipment
  • IT Staffing Firms
  • Help Desk Operators
  • Custom Software Developers
  • Computer Consultants
  • Prepackaged software developers
  • Systems integration & network management
  • ClouServer, network and application management
  • Enterprise solutions
  • Hosting, ASPs, data storage
  • Website designers, developers and services
  • E-commerce enablers
  • Government contractors
  • Communication Providers
  • Wireless data telecommunications
  • Healthcare IT
  • Software Developers
  • Medical Distributors
  • And many others

Coverage Provided:

  • Business Package Policy
  • Property
  • General Liability
  • Business Auto
  • Workers Compensation
  • Umbrella
  • Technology Errors and Omissions Liability
  • Network and Information Security Liability
  • Communications Media Liability
  • Inland Marine and Cargo
  • Directors and Officers
  • Employers Legal Liability
  • Management Legal Liability

Cyber Security Checklist For Your Business

Cyber security is an ongoing process to deter hackers and protect against viruses and other potential risk to the networked business. The questions below should help you assess your cyber security procedures and plans

  • Do you have an emergency response plan?
  • Have you systematically evaluated all of the potential sources of disruption?
  • Do you have an active program to reduce the likelihood of a disruption?
  • If you could not re-enter the workplace because of an emergency, do you have a predetermined location to meet?
  • If you lost a critical system, do you have a predetermined plan to restore the system?
  • Do you periodically test your business resumption plan along with your site emergency response plan?
  • Have you created security policies to match the size and culture of your business?
  • Are your security policies written, enforced and updated regularly?
  • Have you classified your data by its sensitivity and usage?
  • Have you established ownership of all data?

For more information regarding your cyber liability exposure please contact Frank Schiliro today at 800.290.8120 ext. 1102. Tomorrow may be too late.