Gifts That Give

With the holidays approaching, you’ve got a long list of people to shop for. Here at NorthEast, we believe in giving back to the communities around us. Which is why we’ve gathered up a list of stores that give back to a variety of charities and communities. Whether you need a last minute gift or you’re shopping for the one who seems to own everything already, these shops provide more than just a tangible object. If nothing else, you’ll have some serious bragging rights this holiday season. 


We’d be remiss to not include Lush. After all, since 2007 they’ve worked with a variety of groups looking to make changes in animal welfare, human rights and environmental conservation. Excluding taxes, 100% of the profits from their Charity Pot goes to their partner charities! Lush is well known for their homemade beauty products, so why not enjoy some for that perfect person on your list (and yourself). 


In 2007, this company was founded with the goal to create products that would “engage people in the fight against hunger in a tangible way”. Each product is stamped with the number of meals or micronutrient packets the purchase provides. They don’t just have purses anymore! In fact, they have backpacks, enamel pins, and even a daily gift box!

Best Friends Animal Society

If you ever need a cheer up, go to their website, because you’ll immediately be faced with a plethora of adorable dogs. The Best Friends’ mission is to reduce the number of homeless pets and create a world with more kindness to animals. Just take one look at their guiding principles and you’ll fall in love with this company. Not only do they support various no-kill shelters, but they own and operate a Sanctuary where around 1,600 animals are cared for before moving on to loving homes. Their products range from accessories, mugs, collars, and blankets. All revenue from purchases and donations go right back to program expenses, fundraising, and general upkeep of the business. 


Speaking of kindness to others (human and non), ONEHOPE was founded with the goal of inspiring people to “indulge while doing good.” Each bottle of wine supports a different charity, which makes buying multiple bottles so enticing. More so, you can join their Grapeful Club for $20/year, which includes discounts as well as more money donated for each bottle you buy! And just when you thought they couldn’t offer more, they do! You can be the wonderful host of a wine tasting and another 10% of event orders will go to your charity of choice. We could pretend to not already be planning a wine tasting, but that’d be an ungrapeful lie. 

Out of Print 

Have a pop culture buff or bookworm in your life? Then you absolutely need to check out Out of Print. Since 2010, they’ve featured iconic book covers and literary references. Every purchase goes towards book donations and literacy programs all around the globe. Plus you get a free gift for each order over $25! There’s a plethora of products available and you could finish off your shopping list in one go!

Fire Department Coffee

Have a retired or current first responder or military personnel in your life? Then consider this company which is run by firefighters! 10% of revenue earned from every order goes towards supporting ill or injured firefighters and first responders. Aside from your normal coffee flavors, they also offer spirit-infused coffee and if you’re feeling adventurous, try out their Tequila-infused flavor! Plus there’s special discounts if you’re part of the military or a first responder crew.

ME to WE

ME to WE works with over 1,800 entrepreneurs within Kenya and Ecuador, whose products range from apparel to chocolate to books. Each ME to WE product gives back through helping provide education, clean water, health care, food security and financial opportunity. This year they’ve partnered with Lilly Singh’s #GirlLove which gives girls access to education in India, Kenya and Ecuador.


Ever since 2006, Sudara partners with various sewing centers in India, providing women the chance to gain job skills and a long term career, focusing specifically on women escaping sex trafficking. Donations made during checkout go towards Sudara Freedom Fund, which provides housing for women escaping trafficking, equipment for new or growing sewing centers, microloans and back-to-school programs.


For nearly 25 years, Preserve has made products that “are good for both people and the planet.” Through recycling and sustainable materials, they create low-impact products for everyday life. From toothbrushes to tableware to even shaving products, there’s something for everyone here. Not to mention they even have a takeback program called Gimme 5, which collects #5 plastic that;s then transformed into new Preserve products! It’s a cycle that improves humanity’s footprint on the world around us. 

Cotton On

Last but certainly not least, Cotton On. Want something to wrap your gifts in that is more than your average gift bag? Consider Cotton On Foundation’s holiday gift bags, which partners with communities to provide long-term opportunities across education, health, sustainability and infrastructure. They also have some great stocking stuffers and cards! 100% of your purchase goes towards their 2020 goal of creating 20,000 global educational places. 

Which of these is your favorite? For us, it’s hard to pick one over the other, especially considering the great charities and organizations that each product supports. So while you could get your co-worker another scarf, why not try out a bottle of wine that gives to the wellbeing of children?