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Need help with the NJ Paid Sick Leave Act? NorthEast Payroll Services powered by Primepoint manages your employees' time worked and helps your business stay in compliance. For highlights of the NJ Paid Sick Leave Act, click here. For the full NJ state law, click here.

We understand at NorthEast Insurance Services that as a business owner, you have little to no time. Your business has the ability through NorthEast Payroll Services powered by Primepoint to access our web based payroll services to receive flexibility and service.

Our Personalized Service

  • When calling, you'll always get immediate access to a live person to answer your questions
  • Your payroll will consistently be accurate
  • We make sure to keep in touch so we know you and your business

Key Benefits


  • Ability to submit payroll from any web capable PC
  • You can reprint payroll reports, tax forms and check pay stubs
  • Provide direct access of your payroll services to your accountant, at your discretion
  • Integrates with NorthEast Insurance Services and pay as you go Workers Compensation products to calculate your Workers Compensation Insurance rates


  • You will be supplied with a secure User ID and password
  • None of your information will be sold or distributed


  • NorthEast Payroll Services and Primepoint work together to satisfy your needs
  • Customized payroll worksheet for easy fax or web submissions
  • You have the choice to submit your payroll by phone, fax, or web interfaces
  • The ability to pay employees through live checks, direct deposit or both
  • Access to receive payroll and tax reports via email, web access, hard copy or multiple methods
  • Payroll tax filing and remittance to any of the fifty states
  • Allocate your payroll by location, department, job, project, program or any combination

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