What’s Your Life Worth To You 

and Your Loved Ones?

It’s true—people are living longer. In fact, the study, “Older Americans 2000: Key Indicators of Well-Being,” now suggests that if a person lives to be 65, they are likely to live another eighteen years, whereas, in 1900, if a person lived to 65, they were expected to live another twelve years. That being true, unforeseeable events can dramatically alter our lives. While we can’t predict them, we can insure them.  In fact, Life Insurance is one of the only ways we can protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Consider this scenario; A 50 year old machinist had a setback where he lost his job and was out of work for a year. During that time, he depleted his savings. When he did find work, it was at a 50% reduction from his prior income.

He wanted to obtain a fifteen year term Life Insurance policy so that his wife would be taken care of if he passed away prior to being able to draw social security.

For the machinist, that was a good reason to obtain Life Insurance.  A single mother has an equally good reason when she buys a term policy on herself until her children graduate college.  She knows that with a good Life Insurance policy, her children will be taken care of if something happens to her while they still can't earn for themselves.

Another option is Whole Life Insurance rather than Term Insurance. In addition to paying out a death benefit, whole life takes a portion of your payment and invests it. That way, eventually you can cash in the policy and receive money back. You can even take out a loan on the policy.


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