About ThinkHR

A People Risk Management Solution

ThinkHR combines the best in live advisor expertise with innovative technology and comprehensive and instructional content to help organizations address all potential people risks, including guidance on preparing for and managing those risks.

What does that mean exactly?

For our clients, ThinkHR is a tool that can ease the stress and work plaguing business owners and HR managers. There are 3 main aspects of ThinkHR that we offer our clients: Content, Technology, and Live Advisors. Read more about them below or visit ThinkHR's website by clicking here


Organizations need access to reliable knowledge related to all potential people risks, along with guidance on preparing for and managing those risks. ThinkHR offers a steady stream of need-to-know information that confronts the risk and compliance realities accompanying an employer's biggest investment - their people.

Some examples are:

  • Regulatory updates to handbook policies
  • Interactive and engaging training
  • Law Alerts specific to your business' location
  • Monthly newsletters containing HR hot topics, Ask the Expert columns, product announcements, compliance deadlines, and seasonal issues

Including a course catalog of webinars on a large variety of topics: 

  • Harassment and Discrimination
  • Workplace Safety
  • Professional Development
  • Cybersecurity
  • Leaves of Absence
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Customer Service


Content is useless if it’s not in the hands of the right people. ThinkHR provides the means to guide you and help your business grow while still complying with regulations. 

The feature that we consider essential is a Living Handbook, that ensures policies and procedures remain compliant as you grow and as regulations change.

Some key aspects to the Living Handbook are: 

  • Multistate and Federal: Create separate handbooks for each state in which you operate or a single, consolidated handbook containing policies specific to multiple states.
  • Policy Update Alerts: Automated alerts when policies require review and acceptance due to changing legislation laws and regulations.
  • Fully Customizable: An interface that makes it easy to automatically reflect your company information, key titles, and other fields throughout the handbook. You can further customize existing policies, remove policies you don’t need, and add policies specific to your company.
  • Compliant Content: Policies are written and reviewed by HR and legal editors to make sure the language is consistent and easy-to-understand and are approved by a leading employment law firm.
  • Cross Team Collaboration: Multiple stakeholders within your organization can edit and comment on drafts of your handbook before you hit publish.
  • Spanish Translation: One-click translation helps overcome language challenges for companies with Spanish-speaking workforces.
  • E-Signature: Holds employees accountable by requiring, collecting, and storing acknowledgement of receipt, from wherever they work, creating an audit trail.

Other technological features of ThinkHR are: 

  • Certificates and reporting on compliance readiness, employee engagement, and more.
  • Mobile App for employers and HR professionals who are on the move or working remotely.
  • An Admin Dashboard to administer training programs, monitor compliance, and track employee course completions.
  • Future proof courses of which new courses are added and some existing courses are revised regularly.
  • Compliance Calendar that stores all important deadlines and key event dates in one place with alerts to ensure you never miss a deadline again.
  • Benefits Document Creator to create and maintain your own ERISA compliant Wrap, SPD, and POP documents, including policy update alerts, secure storage, and digital signature functionality.

Live Advisors

When content and technology won’t solve a difficult situation like, you need people. ThinkHR provides free live expertise and guidance that you as HR and a business leader needs.

Click here to view sample questions that ThinkHR's live advisors have answered in the past!


ThinkHR has certified HR and benefits advisors who average 18 years of experience in the HR trenches, so they know their stuff and business challenges.


Live advisors are accessible by phone, email, and ThinkHR’s mobile app 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST every business day.


Experience for yourself the wide variety and complexity of Questions Answered by their experienced team.

People Risk is Inevitable.

NorthEast Insurance Services recognizes the significant risks centered around an organization’s people which is why we offer our clients free access to ThinkHR's comprehensive, end-to-end people risk management solution.

ThinkHR fills a critical need for businesses of all sizes. It helps you build and maintain a strong culture, drive employee engagement and performance, and mitigate the numerous people-centric compliance risks.

And, the only way to ensure an effective people risk management strategy is by incorporating the three critical components we've listed above. 

If you're interested in ThinkHR and what NorthEast Insurance Services has to offer you, please fill out the form below! 

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