A Message from Frank Schiliro, President/Owner

Welcome to NorthEast Insurance

I know you have choices for your insurance and I'm thrilled you chose us.  As your insurance professionals, my team and I fill several important roles for you ... the most important being your Advisor.  We're here to help YOU.

You're not working with some faceless 800 # or trying to figure things out for yourself on the web.  Though TV commercials may try to convince you otherwise, insurance is complex and the wrong protection decisions could cost you dearly.

We're here to help you make the right protection decisions for your loved ones, your business and your financial security ... at the lowest possible cost.  So, take advantage of us!

 We're all about taking great care of our clients, and I'm looking forward to a long relationship with you.  I'm 100% confident your experience with us will be the best insurance experience you've ever had. I truly appreciate your business!

We are a Full Service Agency!

Did you know we can serve all of your insurance needs? And by combining protection with one agent, we can prevent hazardous coverage gaps and find the best discounts for you.

Home  Auto  Business  Group Health/Dental  Life  Disability  Annuities and much more!

If you have questions or need assistance:

You can easily contact us at 1.800.290.8120 or by going to the Client Service area on our website at www.northeastins.com. Here you can submit your Billing Questions, Policy changes/updates, Claims, and request a Free Account Review at any time of the day.  


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